Yes, you.

Warning that this article has some super-magnified pictures of said face mites (also a face mite penis… FOR SCIENCE!!!), but mostly it’s just a quirky look at the tiny, ubiquitous, mostly-harmless creatures every single adult you’ve ever met in your entire life is infested with.

Face mites live in hair follicles and eat your dead skin, so think of them like built-in exfoliators. They do, indeed, breed on your face but, interestingly, don’t crap (they have no anuses). You aren’t born with them; instead catch them off your parents and and peers as you grow up. There are different types, and the spread of populations varies in different human demographics, which might mean something, scientists aren’t sure yet. So, hey. Next time you see a lady in a lab coat wanting to scrape your face for mites, give up five minutes of your time to oblige her.

For science.