If permitting trans women to use women’s restrooms creates opportunities for cisgender predator men to pose as trans women, the “bathroom laws,” by requiring transgender men to use the restroom corresponding to their sex assigned at birth, i.e., the women’s room, create opportunities for cisgender men to pose as trans men to gain access to women’s rooms[.]

Michael C. Dorf uses logic.

This is the most brutally logical deconstruction of anti-trans bathroom bills I’ve seen. Which, yanno. From the Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law at Cornell University. Go figure.

To be clear, Dorf’s not arguing that this would happen; he’s pointing out that insisting trans people use the bathroom of the birth-assigned sex for the “safety” of cis women is irrational, because it doesn’t actually prevent the issue it’s purporting to (predatory cis men in women’s bathrooms).