16 January 2015 – 2 September 2015

So for those not on Tumblr, a sad update; last week, my pomeranian Beowulf suddenly died of heart failure during a tooth extraction.

The vets had no idea what happened. The tooth surgery went fine, Beowulf was under for about fifteen minutes. When he was coming round, the vet says they think he might’ve had a seizure (or he just might’ve been twitching while he was waking, they’re not sure). Almost immediately after, his heart stopped. Two vets and five nurses started CPR within seconds, and continued to try for about fifteen minutes. They still couldn’t revive him.

The vet looked honestly shocked and upset when she told us. They have no real explanation for what happened, other than it was likely to be a congenital problem in the heart or, more likely, brain. Mostly, it was just shitty bad luck.

Beowulf was seven months old. He loved everyone and everything,1 and at least he didn’t suffer.

We’ll miss you, little guy.

  1. Except for the backhoe at the construction site down the road. []