You are not equal.

/You are not equal.

When I was about fourteen or fifteen, I was convinced by a (female) friend at school that feminism was “stupid” because it had “already won”. Being Of That Age, I marched home and immediately declared my new political outlook to my parents.

The speech they gave me in return? Well, it sounded a little something like this.

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    You are not equal. Your daughters are not equal. You are still systematically oppressed.Estonia allows parents to take up to three years of leave, fully paid for the first 435 days. United States has no policy requiring maternity leave.Singapore’s women feel safe walking alone at night. American women do not.New Zealand’s women have the smallest gender gap in wages, at 5.6%. United States’ pay gap is 20%.Iceland has the highest number of women CEOs, at 44%. United States is at 4.0%.The United… (more)

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    Basically Stockholm Syndrome – Totally immersive culture with no external referencing leads to perceptive bias. (more)

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