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The Authors Guild1 on writing for free.

This is a constant problem and one I think about a lot; generally when a book launch is nigh and my publicist starts signing me up for guest blogs and book tours. I’m not yet Cool Enough on the Internet for these to be paying gigs, and most of the sites I’ve written for aren’t particularly high-traffic or high-engagement, either. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but…

Look. Writing articles online takes time. It’s not easy. It’s much harder than what I’m doing right now, for example, and because I juggle a day job on top of writing and occasionally paying attention to my friends and family, my time is limited. Every minute I spend writing online blog posts is a minute I’m not spending on producing my next work. And what sells more books? Blog posts… or more books?

That being said: I really love Q&As and interviews. If you’re going to provide me the prompts to write to? Hell, I’ll do that for anyone. Just ask. But most entry-level blog tour stuff isn’t like that. The sites that put their hands up rarely offer anything other than a “write us something and we’ll post it” style “offer”. Which is… not always the most helpful scoping in the world, hey.

Maybe I should take, like, some kind of Journalism 101 course at TAFE or something. Yay for more time consuming, non-paying things…

  1. Shouldn’t it be “Authors’ Guild”? ^
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  1. alphabetizingsins 30th June, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Generally, doing anything creative for free to “gain exposure” is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. You either burn out or you devalue your work too much. And somehow people still do it.

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