I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had women come into my shop and ask me why we have no [superhero] shirts for girls, or even small sizes of men’s shirts. I wish I had a less-than-four-paragraphs explanation to hand out, but I don’t. I think of it every time I hear another idiotic quote about how girls don’t read superhero comics or how a woman was made to feel unwelcome in a comic shop, I think of it when I see a giant rack of basic superhero logo shirts for men but all the slim-fitting ones covered in rhinestones, embarrassing slogans, or inexplicable pink.

–Kate or Die on the lack of decent comic merch for girls and women.

Let’s be honest, though: online stores aren’t exempt from this, either. They might be better, but places like welovefine still have way, way fewer designs offered for women than they do for men. Their comics shirts aren’t too bad, I think probably because of titles like Hawkeye and Captain Marvel that have a female-skewing fanbase. But for videogames? Not so much. I think I own every single women’s-cut Secret World t-shirt they offer, and there are a whole bunch more I would buy, but for the fact they only come in men’s sizes.

Bah. Why is spending money so hard sometimes?