This reminds me of university. For four years, my then-boyfriend (now husband) copied my programming assignments and for four years he got higher marks than me. For the same code. On at least one occasion, it was because he drew an ASCII elephant in comments at the top of the file. I’m not even fucking kidding.

Women in STEM, amirite?1

You know how that whole thing of giving girls traditionally male-sounding names comes around every now and again? I’m starting to think those parents have the right idea.

  1. In retrospect, it’s actually even worse than that. Firstly, because I can never remember ever getting better grades than him for the same code, but also, because the reason he used to copy off me was because he got caught copying off another, male, friend. Thinking about it now, I would actually bet money that the lecturers thought that I was copying off him, but they just marked me down rather than flunking me out because…? And here’s where I have to stop because there’s no way I can think of ending that sentence that doesn’t make me furiously angry. []