Similar to the social justice power inverse, we haven’t moved beyond the harmful mechanism — in this case, binary thinking, or forcing people to reduce nuance and complexity into simple dualities — we’ve just swapped out the binaries and options you can choose from.

We’re maintaining and upholding the value of thinking in binary ways, as long as you confine yourself within the correct binaries.

Those binaries are bad. But I have some new ones that aren’t. Trust me.

Sam Killermann on woke binaries.

This relates to something I’ve been kind of… noticing? Thinking about? For a while. Like, there seems to be this whole movement of… conservative progressives? Like, people who generally exist in social justice-y spaces, and generally support social justice-y causes, but do so with mindsets that seem peeled straight out of hyper-conservative movements. I mean, like, deeply authoritarian, black-and-white, focused on rote recital and superficial presentation… and with a deep reluctantance to engage with anything new, uncomfortable, challenging, or confronting.

Usually people like this are members themselves of marginalized groups, hence the falling into progressive spaces. But the progressive movement’s current insistence that lived experience is “enough” means the Conservative Progressive… like, almost lacks any kind of critical, analytical, or even empathic framework with which to examine their own circumstances and extend that out more broadly?

Like… I’m sure I’m both phrasing this badly but, also, I’m equally sure that there are a non-zero number of people who are going to be nodding along to at least part of it, thinking, “Yes, that, but…” So there are probably like a zillion people out there more qualified to write about this, but…

It’s A Thing, right? Like… I’m not the only one who’s noticed it?