Literally the only times Sigyn appears in the Norse sagas is during Loki’s punishment for the murder of Odin’s son, Baldr. In that one story, she loses not just her husband, who’s bound in a cave until the end of time, and not just her children, who are killed/cursed by Odin in order to create Loki’s bindings, but also her own freedom; Sigyn stays with Loki during his imprisonment, holding a bowl over his face to catch drops of burning snake venom that were set to drip into his eyes.

It’s not a fun punishment. For either of them. But the reality is, Sigyn doesn’t have to be there. Not really. Despite what old Marvel comics might have you believe, the Vikings did practice divorce, and wives who were unhappy with the conduct of their husbands could leave them without becoming destitute or pariahs from the community.

Sigyn didn’t, though, despite the frequent questionable conduct of the man she was married to. As a kid, I thought there had to be a story there.

Today I get to gush a bit about my fascination with Sigyn over at Little Red Reviewer.

(Also pls be to totally ignore the place where I’ve written “regale” as opposed to “relegate”. Guh. /facepalm)