My economic justice shall be intersectional or it shall be bullshit.

[Content warning for discussion of misogyny, transmisogyny, and sexual assault both at the link and briefly below.]

And people wonder why I don’t trust Marxists.1

For the record, second wave feminism? Mostly prompted by black women realizing that, for all their Civil Rights marching, they were still the ones making lunch for the men. Ditto for the queer rights movements, who learnt the hard lessons that cis and straight leftists/progressives totally did not have their backs. Meanwhile rape–particularly drug-assisted or “non-violently” coerced rape–was notoriously prevalent within the New Left’s “free love” ethos.

And so on it goes.

This was all half a century ago, mind. None of these problems are exactly new.

Funny that, I guess.

  1. That and, yanno. Half my family getting massacred by communists. Kinda puts a dampener on the idea of the glorious class revolution, y’know? []