As for me, I haven’t thought about suicide in a long time, not since high school, when a guy talked me out of it, though to this day I doubt he realizes it. So, I lived on to wind up with a job where one of my tasks is to ban people who follow him from one comment section to another telling him he’s not funny and should kill himself. Is that … irony? Shit, I don’t think English has a word for what that is.

–David Wong on why funny people kill themselves.

[Content warning for suicide.]

This is a small quote from a much longer article looking at the darker side of comedy, triggered by the suicide of Robin Williams but not solely about this.

The whole article is excellent but the paragraph above particularly resonated with me, possibly because I was about halfway through reading John Dies At the End at the time (the “John” in the title of that book is the fictionalised version of the “guy who talked me out of it” in the quote above, and realising that, the novel reads… a little differently).

There are a lot more words I want to type here, but… not today.

Instead, I will note that Wong’s article links the US suicide prevention lifeline. Here’s the Australian version.