Well, maybe it’s because supermarkets are the Special Hell and finding time to actually get to one is a pain and honestly I have better goddamn things to do. Also, the whole idea of “grocery shopping at the supermarket” is like a Baby Boomer fad that’s totally had its day and now everyone–not just Millennials, mind–are reverting to the historic norm.

Personally, I think I’ve done grocery shopping, like, twice in the last year. For things like toilet paper we stock up at CostCo once a quarter, while all of our food comes from a dude we call “The Box Man”, a.k.a. Angus, who runs a local business delivering just-add-cooking-semi-pre-prepared meals for white collar DINKs. Also, we literally live across the road from a hipster market so, yanno. Fuck Coles and Woolies, basically.1

  1. We don’t even buy milk from the supermarket, come to think of it, because the grog shop also sells it and is much closer. I don’t think we’ve ever actually bought alcohol from that shop, just milk and ice creams. Because hipsters, basically. []