I’m going to have to visit me one of these Whole Foods places when I’m in the States later this year.

I admit that I eat Paleo, but I’m not always particularly strict about it, and I don’t think it’s “magic” so much as that I just feel better when I’m eating low quantities of carbs (particularly grains) but keeping a decent caloric intake of protein and… whatever the hell vegetables are (probably carbs… but MORE DIFFERENT CARBS yeah don’t look at me like that).

That being said, we do have a local food court take away place which is the go-to destination for cheap(ish) low-carb lunches for harried office workers. Asides from decent enough food, they have so much fishslapping in their store OMG. My favourite is when my husband bought a bottle of water, and accidentally ended up with something proclaiming itself to be “Alka Power“, because apparently low-acidity water is, like, a thing now?

Honestly, “Alka Power” made me feel a little bit Alka-sick, but maybe that was just the nocebo effect talking.