When Nintendo describes Tomodachi Life as “a playful alternate world rather than a real-life simulation,” a world that is “whimsical and quirky,” the company is giving us a peek at what it values.

And I don’t think that valuing fun, or whimsy, or quirky humor is bad. I love those things! But Nintendo is problematically are setting the thing that I am — queer — against those things. They are saying a world without my existence is both simpler and preferable.

–Todd Harper on the politics of “simple”.

For all the deserved shit Blizzard’s been copping over representation recently, it’s interesting to note the Heroes of the Storm trailer, embedded in the Polygon article (at least it was for me; not sure if it’s an ad or not), features:

  • 2 white men (Arthas, under the helmet, and Raynor)
  • 2 white women (Nova and Kerrigan, Zergification aside)
  • 1 man of colour (Tyrael, under that hood)
  • 1 feminine demon (Leah!Diablo, who is also arguably genderqueer, as a combination of various male and female aspects).

So actually, on the diversity front, that’s… actually not too terrible? Weird. Although it should be noted that, contrary to the cinematic, the in-game Diablo in HotS is the “male” version, which has been noted. And it’s also a shame, given how rare it is to see female demons that don’t fit into either the “sexy seductress” or “horrific mother” models. (Not to mention girl!Diablo is the Ultimate Diablo of Ultimate Power.)