[Larry Correia] thought he’d be a hero.

He’d convinced himself–and a bunch of the other Puppies had convinced themselves–of the truth of their narrative. That Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom really had been co-opted by a small bunch of crazy liberals who in no way represented what people really wanted. That the honest fans out there weren’t happy, but didn’t know how to make a change. That when he blew that horn and came over the horizon, it would be Rohan at the Gates of Gondor, and everyone would be ultimately delighted even if there was some bloodshed along the way.

I think there’s an unfortunate habit of the anti-Puppies side of somehow picturing them as mustache-twirling bad guys in all this, who knew what they were doing was nasty and did it anyway, to stick it to those foul bitches or whatever. The Rabid Puppies even do swing that way. But it’s comforting to think of yourself on the side of the True Will of the People. It’s pleasing to think yourself a noble but oppressed group whose time has come. It’s an easy narrative trap to fall into, and a lot of the Puppies went for it with enthusiasm, and a lot of what’s going on now is the shock of that pleasant day-dream shattering.

–fail_fandomanonny on narratives.