When happens if a Chihuahua gives birth to a Great Dane puppy?

/When happens if a Chihuahua gives birth to a Great Dane puppy?

Tl;dr, fetal size is regulated by the mother, so the puppy would be Chihuahua-sized.

It also seems this mix hasn’t been done as a formal experiment (internet anecdotes don’t count), but something similar has been done with draft horses and Shetland ponies; crossed foals born from pony moms were pony-sized, and draft-sized when born from draft moms.

And now you know!

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    Horses control fetal size (mostly through diet) but cows do not. During the three days of my large-animal vet tech internship two cows were euthanized because they been bred to bulls too large, and they could not birth the resulting calf. Another cow was saved by emergency c-section. In horses, a smaller fetus can still result in damage to the mare depending on bone density and build – skinny mares with broad foals. In dogs, it’s notable that toy breeds have small litters, as the newborn pups… (more)

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