Here’s a game to play: When you look at posters for movies or TV shows, see if it makes sense to switch the title to “What’s Gonna Happen to This White Guy?” (“Forrest Gump,” “The Martian,” “Black Mass”) or if there’s a woman in the poster, too, “Are These White People Gonna Have Sex With Each Other?” (“Casablanca,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “The Notebook”). Even at a time when minorities account for almost 40 percent of the American population, when Hollywood wants an “everyman,” what it really wants is a straight white guy. But a straight white guy is not every man. The “everyman” is everybody.

Aziz Ansari on homogeneity.

For the record, I loathed The Martian, basically because the entire time I kept wondering why the entire world (read: the supporting cast of women and people of color) all suddenly had to drop everything and immediately Rescue The Mediocre White Guy™. It’s just, like, yeah, okay white dudes. We know it’s y’all’s power fantasy to be The Most Important Guy In The World Quick Stop Everything And Attend To My Needs but do we really need two hours and millions of dollars rubbing your neuroses in our faces? Particularly since the last film I’d watched had been Gravity which, yeah. Compare and contrast much.