The first three days in May will be a social media firestorm of people calling for greater diversity not just in characters in novels–though that’s very important–but also from diverse authors.

The focus is primarily on fiction for young people. Children, whose lives are being shaped consciously or unconsciously by the images they see of people “like them” in media.

At the moment, for a young African American or Latin@ or Middle Eastern or–closer to home–Indigenous Australian kid, those messages aren’t always… great.

Actually, they’re rarely great.

That’s why #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Kids of all types–not just the white, the able-bodied, the cis-gender, the straight, the neurotypical–all types deserve to grow up knowing they exist, they’re valid, and they can be heroes.

They deserve to have the narratives people with lived experience of those intersections can tell, not just (especially not just) the thoughtless stereotypes the privileged pass down.

We need diverse books because life is diverse, and denying that–especially in children–is a form of violence, whether it’s intention or not.

So. Let’s make something better, instead.

Tweet. Share. Buy. In the end, no one loses, everyone gains.