Over the last week I’ve been asked a few times when the best time to buy Liesmith would be. The answer to that is:

Anytime. Any time is a good time to buy Liesmith.

It’s something in the vicinity of two months until the scheduled release date (mid-October-ish), I’ve given my final sign-off on edits and eARCs and excerpts should be coming soon. Don’t worry, y’all will be hearing about it when it happens. But, in the meantime, remember: any time is a good time to buy Liesmith, available at many fine retailers and multiple formats including Barnes & Noble (Nook), iBooks, Amazon (Kindle), Books-A-Million (EPUB), Google Play, and Kobo.1

For what it’s worth, I think people ask me the “when is the best time to buy?” question because they want to know whether pre-order sales are “worth more” (or less) than release-day sales. The answer is that it doesn’t matter.2 A sale is a sale is a sale, particularly in digital, where things like print runs aren’t an issue.

So. What are you waiting for? Go! Buy!

(Oh, and for those of you interested in the book but who’re either strapped for cash and/or living in places as-of-yet without a release date, the other thing you can do is go shelve Liesmith over at GoodReads. That one’s good too. Or both. Both is even better.)

  1. No Australian retailers yet, though I’m told this is being Worked On. Those with Australian (or New Zealand, because, sorry Kiwis, but Americans are convinced you’re like our Hawaii or something) mailing addresses should still be able to order through, at least, Amazon. I think. Also I’m not licensed in other places, e.g. Europe, so… sorry. That one sucks but… territory rights. Go figure. []
  2. Or, well. It does, but not in such a way that it should sway your purchasing habits one way or the other. []