To repeat a suggestion I made on Twitter, I contend that text-based websites should not exceed in size the major works of Russian literature.


If you open that tweet in a browser, you’ll see the page is 900 KB big.

That’s almost 100 KB more than the full text of The Master and Margarita, Bulgakov’s funny and enigmatic novel about the Devil visiting Moscow with his retinue (complete with a giant cat!) during the Great Purge of 1937, intercut with an odd vision of the life of Pontius Pilate, Jesus Christ, and the devoted but unreliable apostle Matthew.

For a single tweet.

Maciej Ceglowski on the size of 140 characters.

Ceglowski’s article (actually a write-up of a keynote) is about why, oh why, are websites so goddamn big? With an added segue through online surveillance and content ownership. [Minor content warning for some of the “website obesity” style language used.]