The city that banned cars.

I confess that after growing up in the suburbs, I had an aversion to inner city living for a long time. Until we moved, about five years ago, into a medium-density housing complex not right in the centre of town, but in a fairly well-developed part about ten minutes drive away. Being able to walk to basically everything—restaurants, shops, post office—was, uh. Eye-opening. I also stopped driving to work; just literally woke up one morning and decided to catch the bus, despite not having done so since I was in school. I’ve literally not driven to work since and, when the weather is agreeable1 I walk home; it’s about an hour and, with the exception of a short stretch next to a main road, is very pleasant.

Obviously there are reasons not everyone can go carless, and I do still drive, mostly on weekends.2 But… yeah. Cars. Fuck ‘em.

  1. And the air is breathable… []
  2. Our city is very spread out, and errands like going to the aquarium store are… not super conducive to public transport. []