Let me tell you why Ben Shapiro actually aggravates me. It is not his voice or demeanor, though I understand why others find these characteristics grating. Nor is it the way he inserts references to first-year law school doctrines even when they aren’t actually relevant. It is, rather, that Ben Shapiro is lying to his audience, by telling them that he is just a person concerned with the Truth, when the only thing he actually cares about is destroying the left. “Facts don’t care about your feelings” is a fine mantra, albeit kind of a dickish one. But it’s worthless if you’re going to interpret every last fact in the way most favorable to your own preconceptions, if you’re going to ignore evidence contrary to your position, and refuse to try to understand what your opponents actually believe.

Nathan J. Robinson on the “sharpest thinker among millennial conservatives“.

Mostly this is just a long and amusingly sarcastic response to a guy who, honestly, sounds like kind of a dick, although content warning at the full article for a variety of bigotries (racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.) presented for the purpose of debunking.

Also, it’s worth noting that the demeanor of person Robinson is describing isn’t limited to Shapiro or any particular political affiliation. In other words, if you see someone employing these sorts of “rhetorical tricks”? Just walk away. They’re not worth your time.