How are Republicans supposed to feel if [Seth] Meyers points out on national TV that their signature policy goal is, in his words, “a giant tax cut for the wealthy paid for with Medicaid cuts?” Should right-wing parents have to explain to their kids what Meyers means when he says the secret Republican bill is,“like a Slipknot tramp stamp: you definitely want to hide it, and the people who’ve seen it are terrible people?” How long are we going to shame Trump voters for letting a bunch of rambling old men take a meat ax to health care?

The answers to these questions are, respectively: Republicans should feel fucking terrible, right-wing parents should have to constantly explain Republican savagery to their children, and no one who voted for Donald J. Trump to be president of the United States should be able to watch television without being insulted for at least a decade.

Matthew Dessem on consequences.

While this is about the ACA repeal, you could make it into madlibs for any GOP policy position…