I often wonder why we don’t think of now as dystopian. We live in a time where we have had destructive hurricanes and wildfires reach our urban borders. Information warfare unleashed by totalitarian regimes is impacting the democratic process. The reality is torn between real and fake.

We live in a now where a YouTube star will show a dead body hanging in the jungle, for a few thousand views to make a few extra dollars. A $1.50 bet between two online strangers leads to a trigger-happy police force to fire at and kill an American citizen. If this isn’t dystopian, then what is? […]

Why do we worry about artificial intelligence and robots, when in our now, the humans are creating a society that is undesirable and frightening.  Or is it because deep down we know that we will program our animal instincts into machines and software that runs them?

Om Malik on now.