The 16th-century financier Sir Thomas Gresham famously observed that bad money drives out good. The same, I’d suggest, is true about illegal business models. If we allow an illegal business model to flourish in one sector, soon businesses in that sector and others will see that the shrewd strategy is to ignore the law, seek forgiveness rather than permission, and hope for the best.

Benjamin Edelman is here for Uber.

This is Edelman in the Harvard Business Review, and he’s talking about Uber. Well. In this particular paragraph he’s talking about Lyft, which was the first ridesharing company to use unlicensed vehicles. His point is that, once one company (i.e. Lyft) “got away” with lawbreaking, others ran in to copy (i.e. Uber). His wider point is that Uber is unsalvageable as a company; its business model is built wholly on breaking laws, and evading capture/prosecution for said lawbreaking, and the side-effect of this is that its entire management structure is toxic.