U B the ass to risk.

/U B the ass to risk.

By now, the Sad Puppies have realized what they have unleashed. They realize (at least privately) that they overreacted, that they were the bad actors against an opponent that only existed in their heads – but they can never publicly admit it, not without having the hell hound they unleashed turn on them. If they distance themselves from [Vox Day] too much, they risk being slapped by the same forces that they opened the door to the Hugos for. They might be subject to doxxing and threats and actions. They will have Beale’s venom spewed over them.

And they don’t have a moral high ground. I think that they’re even beginning to realize it. Their recent blog posts have made some subtle and telling confessions. Both of them know they will “never” win a Hugo. That is almost certainly true, barring a full and abject apology and extensive restitution for the damage they have done to SF’s fandom. They’re crowing about how they’ll never accept one, and they won’t, but not because they don’t want one. They won’t accept one because as things stand, it wouldn’t mean anything. There would always be an asterisk next to the Hugo for Brad Torgersen or Larry Corriea for any Hugo won because of the Sad Puppy slate, and both of them want the real thing.

–Maureen O’Danu on requiring what you hate.

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