Speaking of being “always on”, some more on Tweet deleting.

I’ve mentioned before that, while I use Twitter, I don’t let it backlog huge archives of my stuff. Actually, I don’t let anywhere I don’t explicitly own and control (i.e. this blog) do that.1 This isn’t privacy paranoia so much as it is an awareness of the value of my content. Allowing Twitter to keep years and years worth of my old tweets is commercially valuable to them and completely useless to me (anything I want to keep I archive out of Twitter via other means, such as IFTTT). So… yanno. Until they start offering me a better service proposition, they don’t get to keep stuff. Simple as that.

  1. Well… kind of. I make an exception for some services, such as Gmail, since Gmail’s long-term storage of my data is valuable to me as well as being valuable to Google. []