Seriously. Data correlation attacks in Tor aren’t exactly new. I don’t know why everyone still acts like they are.

It’s a pretty open secret that large numbers of Tor nodes are running on infrastructure that is too expensive to be funded by anything other than a corporate (read: government) entity. Oh, and there’s the fact that, for all it claims otherwise, Tor was basically built by the US military.

For most “end user” purposes, such as anoning IP address to evade stalkers, Tor is good enough technology. But, like. Don’t think it’s going to protect your Enormous Crime Empire. The second someone actually tries to start looking, they’ll find you.1

  1. The obvious question: if this is true, why are dark web operations allowed to continue? The sad answer is that it’s because the mythology of Tor as a “secure network” is too useful to maintain. If that means enabling a few drug dealers then, well. National security, and all that. In other words, Tor is the biggest honeypot everyone’s ever heard of. []