Shanley Kane on Snapchat, specifically the way the company misrepresented its security posture in order to build a multibillion dollar empire on the (often sexual) exploitation of underage girls.

Remember, kids: if you’re not paying, you are the product. This is true of social media in particular, and if there’s one thing the last few years have painfully, painfully taught us, it’s to never, ever, ever believe any company’s claims about the “security” of their product.

Honestly, until this stuff is legislated–that is, until companies start getting fined and CEOs start going to jail–nothing’s going to change here. And the likelihood of strong privacy and security legislation getting levelled against the libertarian darlings of Silicon Valley is, I think, not something we’ll be seeing any time soon. Because FREE MARKET!!!! or whatever.

But, yanno. Heaven forbid you download a song off BitTorrent, amirite?