A PbtA skin called Bisexual Disaster.

The core stats are Cool (charm, leadership), Sexy (manipulation, dexterity), Bookish (intelligence, wisdom), Stacked (strength, stamina), and WTF? (weirdness).

Core playbooks include:

  • The tiefling, emphasis on Cool and Sexy, moves are acrobatic and fire-based.
  • The orc, emphasis on Bookish and Stacked, moves are about bashing things and communing with nature.
  • The void horror, emphasis on Stacked and WTF?, moves all involve tentacles.
  • The demon, emphasis on Sexy and Bookish, moves are about manipulation and contract law.
  • The angel, emphasis on Bookish and Stacked, moves are about smiting the wicked and being a nebbish ingénue.
  • The witch, emphasis on Bookish and WTF?, moves are the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none spellcasting variety.
  • The dragon, emphasis on Cool and Stacked, moves are about having access to resources and being impervious to absolutely fucking everything.
  • The fae, emphasis on Sexy and WTF?, moves are about mental manipulation and existing between states.

Core moves are when a character chooses to:

  • ensure everybody wants them, rolling Sexy to… well, do as described
  • know that everybody wants to be them, rolling Cool to inspire others to heroism and related selfless acts
  • “ええとあの…”, rolling Bookish to investigate or recall something about a plot point
  • invoke cinnamon roll status, rolling Bookish to avoid confrontation or violence
  • invoke sinnamon roll status, rolling Sexy to feign innocence while really being very naughty…
  • be the representation we deserve, rolling Stacked to kick the righteous shit outta something and/or withstand unjust abuse/violence
  • invoke binvisibility, rolling Sexy to avoid detection
  • create a disaster, rolling WTF? to create effects not normally permitted by the laws of nature, narrative causality, et al.

Gameplay sessions all involve resolving an A plot and a B plot.

  • The B plot is some kind of villain-of-the-week that needs to be discovered and defeated.
  • The A plot involves at number of NPCs equaling or exceeding the number of players, and is resolved by each player character engaging in some form of romantic and/or sexual encounter with an NPC of their choice.

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