I loved Things. I bought it when it first came out, then followed it as it jumped across platforms, dutifully shelling out the cash every time.

About two days before reading this article, however, I remember staring at it, feeling the mid-naughties catching up to me. Things is functional, but it looks old. Not just that, but it’s missing all the seamless-cloud-sync-interoperability-synergistic-bullshit I’ve come to expect from productivity apps in this, the close of 2013. My particular issue was it not syncing with my calendar; I was trying to use it as a replacement for Basecamp, which I love, but which is much too expensive to use for personal todo tracking when the free period runs out (as mine had). With Things, I’d always be caught between creating todos in it versus creating them in Calendar. Not cool.

So, based on the article, I tried switching to Asana, and love it; for me, it’s a perfect compromise between Basecamp and Things, plus it’s free (well, for me, being cross-subsided by the big companies who license it).

Sorry, Things. It’s been fun, and I wish you luck, but our time together is over.