Everyone is the hero of their own story. Everyone is the hero, everyone is the good guy in their own life. If one believes all those lies of microaggressions, if one believes that all gays are pedophiles, that all trans people are liars and cheats, if one believes in one’s heart and soul that gay is the literal worst and most disgusting thing it is possible for a human to be or do … then what does a good person do? A good person fights the evil. A good person stands up against villains. A good person argues and shouts and pleads, and when no-one listens, a good person might, in despair and rage and righteous conviction, pick up an assault rifle and go kill monsters.

In the eyes of many, I am a monster.

In the eyes of many, I need to die.

The people who believe that, who know it in their heart and soul, they got to that point of view because we all allow it. We allow the slow drip of poisonous belief to spread. Every microaggression towards queers allows some vulnerable and confused person to believe that they are right, good, and justified in wanting my death.

Sigrid Ellis on the road to murder.

Absolutely heartbreaking post, but well-worth reading the whole thing, particularly for straight and cis people who wonder if it really matters if they call out that one joke or criticize that one film.1

Spoiler alert: yes, it matters. It always, always matters.

  1. Also see: white people wondering if they should call out racism. []