This inconsistent behavior defines modern Republican politics, because the conservative value system subordinates basic notions of fair play to larger ideological goals. As the historian Rick Perlstein described it to me recently, that system “doesn’t uphold procedural neutrality except as a rhetorical weapon.”

There is no shortage of procedural hypocrisy in Democratic politics, either, but there is a basic, small-d democratic logic to the procedural ideals they aspire to—like universal ballot access, majority rule, not threatening the global economy—that is unmatched on the right. It is folly to imagine that a political media industry built upon a foundation of equal access will be able to relay this elemental difference between the two parties, or that an honest depiction of this difference within the media would have any impact on conservative behavior.

Brian Beutler on process.

The problem with democracy is that it only works when the people it elects believe in it more than they believe in partisan ideologies.

Or, in other words, we’re gonna have a bad time…