Want to know why these folks [libertarians, et al.] think creativity goes away when people’s needs are fulfilled?

They think the motive is specifically profit.

Peter Coffin on creativity.

Yes, this is in response to The Last Night (that so-called cyberpunk videogame that purports Universal Basic Income as the killer of all creative output), but it’s pretty much the best summation I’ve seen of why this argument is straight-up grade-A bullshit.

For the record (and the thing you’re not “supposed” to admit): I make no significant income off my novels.1 About the only commercial benefit I get from them is that they make cons tax deductible work trips. I still write, however, because, well. I always have. And I enjoy it, so I always will. The reason I don’t write more is that I need a 40-hour-a-week day job to support myself.

See also this post, which talks about creativity and capitalism from a fannish perspective.

  1. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them; you totally should! []