Why aren’t there more women futurists? You know futurists; they’re those people who give media sound-bytes about how we’re all going to live forever with our brains uploaded to the Internet. (Also see: why aren’t there more futurists-of-color?)

One of the reasons I find Pat Cadigan so much more interesting as a cyberpunk author than, say, William Gibson (who I never, for my sins, really “got into”), is because I think she dealt with the social side of technology way better than a lot of her male contemporaries. And by “social side” I don’t mean that whole “rugged hackers and sexy cyborgs” nonsense, but rather that her work often feels… domestic, and thus real, in a way most other cyberpunk very much doesn’t.

Also see, while we’re on the subject, the popularity of dystopian futures in female-driven literary genres. Essay topic is to discuss how these Hunger Games-esque visions differ in mood and tone from the more “male-driven” post-apocalyptic genres, like zombie fiction.