We have artists and writers making a living where they could not have before due to the open web, whose work we are enjoying entirely thanks to the open web. Patreon, Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and Stripe are the open web and wouldn’t exist without it. Minorities finally have the ability to create media that reaches the world because of the open web and they use it. There are thousands of small- to medium-sized software companies who sell web services to specialised industries. There are countless hobbies out there where the core online social hubs are still some random forum and not Facebook. And let’s not get into the web services that cater to these hobbies and have to use the open web because neither Amazon nor Facebook care enough to do a good job of serving niche needs.

But none of them count because trendy fucking journalists don’t notice things like pen turning or woodworking and don’t care about the scheduling needs of hair and beauty salons.

Baldur Bjarnason on the Open Web.

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