This one’s targeting the hypocritical shitstains who’ll whine and moan about government spying… then turn around and gloat about fapping to stolen nude celebrity photos.

Some choice quotes:

These men are the detritus of human society for whom the internet provides a warm blanket


If you’re not familiar with Reddit, this is the best way I know how to describe it: it’s an “anything goes” online message board where the loudest voices belong to misogynistic trolls who value anonymity over decency. In reality, “anything goes” is a bit of hyperbole, since the site does have two major rules: no child porn, and no posting “personal information.” And because Reddit is a special place, its ban on posting personal information will protect you unless you happen to be an attractive woman that lots of people want to see naked.


“The internet” is just a series of tubes, connecting us to miserable assholes from around the world.

Sometimes it does feel that way, doesn’t it?

(It’s also telling to see who has versus who hasn’t deleted their tweets and/or apologised post-article, too…)