The Unloved City.

/The Unloved City.

There’s an unparsable part of my love for Canberra that’s nostalgia. I smell the air, the certain angle and quality of the light filters through my eye, and I feel returned to myself—to the smells and colours of my childhood. Linked to that, I love the special loneliness of Canberra: the suburbs, separated by nature reserve, with barely any other foot traffic, but big native trees and bird calls, and mountains underfoot or gracing your line of view in the distance. The air, in a city built on a plateau among mountains and surrounded by bush, is clear and still and tastes good, and you feel a little bit closer to the top of the sky.

Anna Thwaites on Canberra.

I dunno about this article, man. If we let people in on the Secret of Canberra they might want to move here. And that’s the last thing we want…

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