But the other dimension to this is that clearly people have grown annoyed by [beekeeping influencer Erika] Thompson. This is a natural consequence of becoming popular online. People are mad at the social structures and racist corporate algorithms that mean white beautiful women are the only people who regularly become internet famous and, this week, users decided they were sick of Thompson. Except, unlike, say, 10 years ago, when you could easily just say that someone on the internet was being fucking annoying, now, in 2021, virality comes with it a perception of financial success. And in America, we equate financial success with morality, so, instead of just saying, “I hate looking at the bee woman,” instead, users are desperate for a way to dismantle the viral person as a person because people incorrectly think that will make them no longer financially successful or viral. Except it doesn’t.

Ryan Broderick on viral money.