Rule 1. The measures to be debated must bear some relationship to the massacre that triggered the debate. […]

Rule 2. The debate must focus on unusual weapons and accessories: bump stocks, for example, the villain of the moment. […]

Rule 3. The debate must always honor the “responsible gun owners” who buy weapons for reasonable self-defense. […]

Rule 4. Gun ownership is always to be discussed as a rational choice motivated by reasonable concerns for personal safety.

David Frum on the gun debate.

This is Frum questioning the unwritten rules of how the US media covers the so-called “gun debate” in the wake of a mass shooting.

Also, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: 50% of the US’s guns are owned by 3% of its population, and 78% of Americans don’t own guns at all (in Australia, by contrast, it’s around 94%).