This ‘ha ha, you got mad, so you lose’ attitude is the exact same reason we all collectively decided not to like hipsters very much: It’s because they were hiding behind a rigged game. Everything was ironic. You can say they look good, and they take the compliment. But you can’t say they look like shit, because they’re TRYING to look like shit. You can say you love their band, and you get a “thanks bro!” But you can’t say their band sucks, because it’s SUPPOSED to suck. They were so afraid of judgment that they only did things under the protective cloak of irony, so that if you didn’t like it, you could be accused of not getting it. There was no losing condition. Same with people saying shitty things to each other on the internet under the guise of “humor.”

–Robert Brockway on hipsters and internet trolls. Go read the full article.