The real Jurassic Park.

/The real Jurassic Park.

So… birds are dinosaurs, right? They’ve evolved out the tails and the teeth and whatnot, but they’re still dinosaurs. Which means that, somewhere, they have the traces of a dinosaur’s genetic code.

So what if, with a little genetic engineering, you could coax, say, a chicken to start re-exhibiting some of these traits? Kinda like how humans sometimes get born with tails, a la our ancestors, except induced artificially. So you give a chicken teeth,1 and a tail, and play around with its shoulders and arms a little and…

What have you got, exactly? It wouldn’t be a dinosaur, not exactly. But it would be really freakin awesome.

  1. For the record, chickens occasionally do get a mutation that sees them grow teeth. And the teeth they grow? Look like those of an alligator. Sleep well! ^
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