There are serious problems with our food system and the way it’s based on industrial agriculture. Subsidies support sugar-laden and processed foods while people on low incomes have trouble affording healthy, sustainably grown produce. Meanwhile, needed farmland is being turned into housing developments, massive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers are finding their way into the environment, and corporate giants like Monsanto have far too much power.

Passing around infographics about which GMO-containing foods to boycott, or putting tons of effort into passing GMO labeling laws, isn’t going to do anything to solve these problems. They will just make it easier for already-privileged people to buy food they feel good about—which may well be just as bad for their health and the environment as the food they’re avoiding.

–Beth Skwarecki on food privilege.

More importantly, the article goes on to list a bunch of reasons why anti-GMO scaremongering is classist bullshit.

(Monsanto is still evil, tho.)