Feminism as a movement really speaks to me, because I don’t want to be treated like an object or a stereotype of a person; I want to be treated like the individual I am—a bloodthirsty killer who will do anything for a quickening. I know so many women who don’t even know they can achieve a quickening. It’s sad and points to a lack of education around women’s immortality and what we can achieve when we know ourselves and behead our partner. Or a perfect stranger who is very clearly also immortal. There is nothing wrong with murdering somebody you only met that night and we shouldn’t judge women for that sort of personal choice.

Women shouldn’t be ashamed of telling people their number. When I talk to a woman with a high number, I’m like, “Damn girl, your thoughts will forever be consumed with the cries of the dead. Killin’ the game.”

This is how society should treat all female immortals.

Nikki Black asks the important question.

Namely, “Sure, I’m a feminist. But if I support other women, how will I become the Highlander?”