The problem [in tech] is not women- we are “Leaning In” and showing up. We always have been. We were getting more computer science degrees 30 years ago than we are getting today. And have been entering the industry, and then we have been leaving for good reasons. We aren’t getting funded or we aren’t getting promoted- we’re being harassed, abused or embarrassed in the work place. It is our problem, but it is not our fault.

Trying to force women back into a toxic environment isn’t going to work if the dynamics of the industry remain the same. And women are smart for leaving- because they aren’t giving up, they are moving to other industries that treat them better. This is more of a problem for the tech industry than it is for the women themselves.

It is time for the next wave, and it has to be focused on men.

Sarah Nadav on men in tech.

Amen, sister.