Interesting look at “small-government conservatism” as being secret code for segregationists, particularly in the way it devalues public institutions and pathologizes social welfare as being the domains of “undeserving” people of color. ‘Cause, like, obviously no white person has even used public institutions or relied on public welfare. Obviously.

It’s kind of like the socio-political version of HBD. It’s a bit declasse nowadays to just be a straight-up racist, so anyone with any kind of pretense to intellectualism needs to dress up their bigotry in the language of “science” (HBD) or “economics” (small-government conservatives) or whatever. “We’re not racist!” they can then cry. “It’s just a fact that black people are biologically better at menial labour!” Or, “We’re not racist! It’s just a fact that black people would prefer to live off welfare than to work.”

Yeah. Nah. About that, hey. If you’re using those sorts of arguments, y’all is still a racist. Also factually wrong. And ahistoric. And also a racist. Just, yanno. In case that wasn’t clear. You racist.

So, yanno. Cut it out, hey. And go learn yourself some of the roots of racial inequality in modern society while you’re at it.