It must be amazing, not having to see those things [race, gender]. To be a white man who sees no need to acknowledge that people other than his own kind exist. […]

Writers like [Andy] Weir — male, white, on top of the NYT Bestseller lists, movie deals, a break out book — are in an amazing position to boost voices that are not like their own. They have the ability to lift others up. And time after time, they mention work that is exactly like their own. Authors who mirror their own selves.

–E. Catherine Tobler on the mirror.

This was prompted when Weir was asked in an interview to recommend “contemporary” SF authors for high school readers. His list was “Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke. For more recent authors, I recommend Ernest Cline, Peter Clines, and Hugh Howey”.

Mm. “All of these things are much like the others” and all that.