So this article is about doomsday prepping among rich Americans, particularly Silicon Valley types. And all I can think is, “Y’all is so paranoid that civilization is balanced on a knife-edge that you’re willing to build fortified bunkers… but not one of you fuckers thought to, yanno, do anything positive to try and avert your eschatological fap fantasies. Nice.”

In particular, a lot of the “doomsday scenarios” these people are apparently paranoid about involve civil and political unreset. Hearing this from Valley billionaires is kind of like what I imagine listening to Louis XVI talk up the security of the Bastille in 1788 would be like. And as for the rest of it, i.e. the natural disasters? Pay tax and fund FEMA you narcissistic assholes, Jesus.

Eat the rich, indeed.

(Also, if the term “financial-hacking dinner” doesn’t send chills up your spine, it should.)