Sick of telemarketers? Want a funnier solution than just hanging up? Want to get them frustrated in the way they frustrate you?

Then never fear, the Jolly Roger Telephone Co. is here. It’s a low-cost subscription service that allows you to forward telemarketer and phone-scam calls to a variety of chatbots. The bots do some voice/sound processing and attempt to engage the telemarketer with either “mmhmms” or inane comments (“there’s a bee on me”) and “can you repeat that?” style requests. The robots can’t get angry, bored, or frustrated, and will continue to chat endlessly and noncommittally so long as there’s someone on the line. The idea is to waste time: if the telemarketers are busy with a bot, they can’t be scamming a human.

Also, some of the resulting calls are pretty hilarious.

There is one caveat to the service, however: messing around with “telemarketers” on the criminal end of things (i.e. those fake Windows support calls, or credit card scammers) is potentially risky. I mean, they probably won’t come around to your house and kneecap you for wasting their time with a chatbot… but they also might. So, yanno. Just be a bit careful with that.