The jobs are there, men just don’t want them.

/The jobs are there, men just don’t want them.

You know that whole thing fedora-wearing neckbeards like to tote out about how misandry is real because women won’t work in coal mines which is totally only true in the sense that men have been actively trying to keep women out of said mines for like a hundred years? Well, as usual with these things, there’s a flip-side to the bad argument that’s entirely true. To whit, it isn’t women who refuse to attempt jobs coded as “male”. It’s men who refuse to attempt jobs coded as “female”. You know, like nursing.

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  1. beka-tiddalik 5th July, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Probably because they haven’t been socialized to consider cleaning up someone’s shit and putrefying wounds for less pay than a teacher to be a calling. I respect the hell out of nurses because it’s an essential job, that’s seriously risky for one’s health, for terrible pay, long hours. Nurses are saving lives for very little social credit, while bricklayers are getting paid more in some cases. Seriously. Tradie pay: pay:… (more)

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